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Expert Witnesses

Having a New Jersey accident lawyer that has relationships with expert witnesses throughout New Jersey to support people injured in car and tractor-trailer accidents, slip and falls, construction site accidents and dog bite accidents to hold careless drivers and negligent property owners accountable, is essential to a great New Jersey personal injury settlement or trial.

The right expert can have a direct impact on your personal injury lawyer presenting evidence to prove that personal injuries, such as muscle sprains and strains, torn ligaments, and tendons, bulging discs, herniated discs, fractured bones, serious spinal damage, brain injuries and especially fatal injuries were caused by an accident.

We work with expert witnesses throughout New Jersey in cases of motor vehicle, tractor-trailer and 18-wheeler accidents occurring on heavily travelled roads like I-95, I-295, the New Jersey Turnpike, Garden State Parkway, Route 130, Route 1, Route 3, Route 9, Route 21, Route 22, Route 27, Route 28, Route 29, Route 33, Route 34, Route 35 for injured accident victims in Plainsboro, West Windsor, Princeton Junction, Cranbury, Hightstown, South Brunswick, Dayton, Kendall park, Monmouth Junction, North Brunswick, Highland Park, Somerset, Edison, Woodbridge, Hamilton Township, Robbinsville, Ewing, Pennington, Hopewell, East Windsor, Trenton, Bordentown, Elizabeth, Linden, Hillside, Roselle, Roselle Park, Newark, Mercer, Middlesex, Union, Essex and Burlington County and all over the State of New Jersey.

While not exhaustive, we frequently engage New Jersey expert witnesses in the fields below.

Private Investigators - These investigator specialists photograph and videotape car and truck crash accident scenes, obtain statements from crucial witnesses, dangerous conditions on sidewalks and stores that have caused slip and trip and falls, and photograph visible personal injuries such as lacerations, scars, and severe bruises.

Professional Engineers and Slip & Fall Experts - These expert engineers investigate causes of slip and trip and fall accidents caused by dangerous conditions in supermarkets, shopping centers, malls, restaurants, on sidewalks, big box and department stores, and snow and ice conditions at apartment complexes and condominiums that are negligently maintained.

Accident Reconstruction Experts - These engineers and scientists investigate how car and truck crash accidents occur on major highways and roads. They download data from black boxes, to inspect allegations of mechanical and brake failure.

Weather Experts - These experts in weather document conditions involving snow and icy conditions of roads during car crash and tractor-trailer accidents, defective and dangerous sidewalks, and public areas and parking lots of restaurants, apartment complexes and condominiums.

Orthopedic Surgeons - These medical specialists in the musculoskeletal system treat accident victims who suffer fractured bones, disc bulges, disc herniations, ankle fractures, and knees and shoulders requiring arthroscopic surgery, discectomies and spinal fusion caused by car and truck drivers who are negligent and on their cell phones, as well as on sidewalks and other property that is not properly maintained.

Neurologists - These medical specialists treat injuries to the central and peripheral nervous system, coming from car and truck crashes, and falls involving head injuries that cause traumatic brain injuries, post-concussion syndrome, fractured skulls, short- and long-term memory loss, headaches, dizziness, nausea, double visions, ringing in the ears and brain damage that impair cognitive functions.

Neuropsychologists - These highly specialized brain experts examine, evaluate, and treat, injured people with serious injuries such as traumatic brain injury, post-concussion syndrome, brain damage, many of which occur in car and truck crashes and when people fall and strike their head and suffer a shaking of the brain, a brain bleed or fractured skull. They make recommendations for cognitive rehabilitation caused by brain damage.

Psychologists - These highly trained mental and behavioral experts treat accident victims injured in car crashes, truck crashes and suffer from fear of driving, riding in cars, anxieties, and depression

Pain Management Physicians - These medical pain experts treat accident victims who suffer injuries that require medical management and epidural injections, medial branch blocks, nerve burning, rhizotomies, for disc bulges, disc herniations.

Neurosurgeons - These medical specialists treat patients and perform surgery on accident victims suffering from fractured spinal vertebra, compression fractures of the spine, disc bulges, pinched nerves, and disc herniations in the neck and back, which require discectomy, laminectomy, laminotomy, spinal fusion, which cause feelings of pain radiating down the arms and legs, tingling and numbness.

Chiropractors - These neck and back experts provide noninvasive treatment of chiropractic adjustments, heat and cold treatment, spinal decompression, electrical stimulation and other treatment modalities for sprains, strains, disc bulges and herniated discs.

Radiologists and Neuroradiologists - These expert medical doctors review images for damage which may occur in car and truck crashes, Uber, and Lyft crashes, such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRI of the cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine, brain, head, shoulders, knees, and ankles.

Accountants/ Economists and Vocational Experts - These experts calculate loss of earnings, income, and profits when victims of car and 18-Wheeler crashes suffer personal injuries that effect their ability to work. They also project loss of earnings over a lifetime and alternate employment options if an accident victim cannot return to work at their previous job or profession due to their personal injury damages.

After carefully listening to the facts of your accident and the injuries you suffered, you can count on Law Offices Siegel & Siegel, P.C., Gerald D. Siegel and David A. Siegel to help you document your personal injuries caused by negligent drivers, at fault drivers, careless tractor-trailer and 18 wheeler, Uber and Lyft drivers, negligent restaurants and store keepers, big box stores, negligent landlords and condominiums associations. Call now at 609-799-6066 or 732-218-4110 now to discuss your injuries. Or contact us online. All consultations are free.

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I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. We were all alone, facing loss of income and mounting medical bills. Siegel & Siegel was the guiding light at the end of a long dark tunnel. We thank you. Jeanette K., Hamilton Township, NJ
I was involved in an auto accident. Gerald Siegel was always on target… and he always had my best interest in mind. Mike Vignapiano, Spotswood, NJ
With respect to my automobile accident case… the legal energy and planning during the entire process was impressive. Neil Lewis, Plainsboro, NJ
Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all the hard work you put into my accident case. We appreciate all of your effort and the great result. Ari Schvartz, Tel Aviv, Israel
Thank you for taking my car accident case and representing me. I am so proud and happy to say 'I have an attorney. Shary Sadowski, Ewing, NJ