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Injury Lawyers Helping Victims in Middlesex County, Mercer County, and Beyond

Whether you are hurt in a car accident or you slip and fall in your workplace, you should retain an experienced attorney to represent you. After an accident, an insurer for the at-fault party may try to find ways in which you were also at fault. It is important to consult an attorney before you speak to the insurer. Even when a legitimate workers' compensation claim is made, some insurers put profits ahead of people. At Siegel & Siegel, our experienced Middlesex County personal injury attorneys can provide knowledgeable and aggressive representation for ordinary people in Middlesex County and Mercer County who have been injured in a car accident or other type of accident and who need to recover lost wages and medical bills through a personal injury lawsuit or workers' compensation claim. We are three generations of personal injury lawyers helping the people of New Jersey. Our office is located in the most southerly city of Middlesex County, bordering on northern Mercer County.

Motor Vehicle Accidents and Other Personal Injury Cases

We handle lawsuits arising out of motor vehicle accidents and general liability. Our clients have been hurt in car accidents, tractor-trailer accidents, bus accidents, motorcycle accidents, commercial vehicle accidents, uninsured or underinsured motor vehicle accidents, slip and fall, product liability, construction accidents, and dog bites. They have suffered a wide range of harm including traumatic brain injuries, wrongful death, amputations, concussions, fractures, whiplash, spinal cord damage, and herniated or bulging disks. We “know the ropes” of practicing injury law in New Jersey and are eager to put our knowledge and experience to work for you.

In New Jersey, you usually have two years from the injury date to file your personal injury lawsuit. Most personal injury lawsuits require plaintiffs to establish the defendants' negligence. This requires proof that it is more likely than not that the defendant failed to live up to his duty to use reasonable care and this failure was the reason the plaintiff was hurt. For example, in a car accident case, if the defendant was texting while driving, this would likely be considered a failure to use reasonable care, and if the defendant T-boned a plaintiff who had the right of way in an intersection, the defendant's texting would be the legal cause of the accident.

Slip and fall cases are handled a little bit differently in New Jersey than in some other states. In most states, you must show actual or constructive notice of a dangerous condition to recover damages. However, New Jersey recognizes the mode of operation rule.

Under the mode of operation rule, the court will infer negligence if there is a substantial risk of injury inherent in a business's way of doing business. For example, if you slip and fall in a club where patrons are allowed to bring their drinks onto the dance floor, it is reasonable for the club owner to assume the floor will be slippery, and you may not have to show actual or constructive notice of a particular spill. The defendant bears the burden of showing it did everything a reasonably prudent person would do given the risk of injury inherent in the operation, in order to avoid liability.

At Siegel & Siegel, our Middlesex County personal injury lawyers pride ourselves not only in our dedication to our clients and our skill as litigators, but also in our ability to communicate effectively with our clients. We welcome you into our offices at any time, and we avoid using “legalese” so you can have a better understanding of what’s happening in your case.

Workers' Compensation

In New Jersey, if you are hurt on the job or made sick by the job, you may be eligible for workers' compensation benefits. These are benefits that are supposed to be provided to injured or sick workers without regard to fault. Benefits may include wage replacement, necessary and reasonable medical treatment and other medical benefits, and permanent disability payments, as well as death benefits to the survivors of workers that have died due to employment. Under the workers' compensation law, you need to be unable to work for seven non-consecutive days before becoming eligible for temporary disability benefits.

Workers' compensation in New Jersey is administered by the Division of Workers' Compensation. In exchange for what are supposed to be guaranteed benefits, workers are not allowed to bring a civil lawsuit against their employer for pain and suffering and similar damages, except where the employer's intentional conduct resulted in injuries or illness. Unfortunately, valid workers' compensation claims do get denied, which is why it can be helpful to have an experienced Middlesex County workers’ compensation attorney on your side.

Consult Experienced Personal Injury Lawyers in Middlesex County, Mercer County, and Beyond

After an accident that causes injuries, you may be concerned about how you'll be able to afford the medical care and time off work that you need to get better. Depending on the circumstances, our Middlesex County and Mercer County personal injury lawyers can represent you in bringing a personal injury lawsuit or workers' compensation claim. From our first meeting, we will already be planning what evidence we will need to gather or prove in order to win your case at trial. With our extensive resources available for you, we work with the best investigators and experts to put together a strong case on your behalf. We handle cases in Plainsboro, Dayton, Cranbury, South Brunswick, North Brunswick, East Brunswick, Helmetta, Highland Park, Kendall Park, Milltown, Monmouth Junction, Monroe Township, New Brunswick, South River, and Spotswood, as well as throughout Mercer County in Trenton, Ewing, Princeton, Princeton Junction, Hamilton, Hightstown, Hopewell, Lawrence, Mercerville, Pennington, Robbinsville, East Windsor, and West Windsor. Our firm also represents accident victims and injured workers in Burlington County, including in Bordentown, Burlington, Mansfield, and Roebling, as well as in Monmouth County and Union County. Call us at 609-799-6066 or via our online form. We offer same-day appointments!

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