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Products Liability

When we purchase a consumer product or a piece of equipment, we expect and hope that it is safe to use. When products are designed or manufactured poorly, or if a product has a risk of harm, but you are insufficiently warned about the dangers and suffer an injury, please call us to discuss your rights.

Over the years, we have protected the rights of individuals who have suffered injuries as a result of defects in products such as:

  • Chairs
  • Children’s clothing
  • Door latches
  • Electrical cords
  • Electrical products
  • Exercise equipment
  • Fast food
  • Industrial machinery
  • Stairs
  • Stoves

If the product involved in your accident is in your possession, do not throw it out. Keep it in a safe place. If the product involved is at work or somewhere else, demand that your boss safe keep the product, not alter its condition or throw it away. If at all possible, obtain the name of the product manufacturer, model and serial number.

We can handle your case on a “contingency fee” basis, which means that you do not pay a legal fee unless we obtain a settlement or a jury verdict.